Happy Birthday My Dear Oguri Shun

It has been 5 years (little more or less) since I knew this talented actor, my beloved Oguri Shun.

I admit he is not drop dead gorgeous, sometimes he just look like the boy next door  but for me he is perfect and his voice .. uhmm.. I can listening him read a telephone book all the day he he he …

But you’re tottaly wrong if you think his role as brooding prince, Hanazawa Rui, which made me adore him. Actually I don’t really like Hanadan. I don’t like it story. Not really into me  .. period

It was his role as the Heian’s Sherlock Holmes, my favourite chara from my favourite manga, Kudo Sinichi. Ohhh … And I’m really glad that he’s not a boyband member ..

Small role or lead role, he always gives his best.

Happy birthday Ogushun .. may you have another spectacular year next year keep your good work and stay health ..

Kudo Sinichi

There is only one truth …

The Brooding prince, Hanazawa Rui


Cakep juga sih .. tapi lebih suka kalo rambutnya item he he he ..

Nerdy Programmer, Munetaka Minamoto


Cuma Ogushun yang bisa acting di 11 episode hampir tanpa dialog

Bullied Kid, Yoshikawa Noboru


Siapa sangka anak ini bisa tumbuh gede seperti sekarang

High Jump Athlete, Sano Izumi


Cantik kan ?? he he he

Deaf Kid, Shinoda Jun


Asli imut 🙂

Bad Boy, Uchi


Jangan nilai orang dari tampangnya

Very very Bad Boy, Takiya Genji


Kalo gangsternya kaya gini mah … (diisi sendiri)

Lovely Boy, Sato Daisuke


Pantang menyerah, penuh semangat.. Chayoo !!

Fine Officer, Takakura Shou


Shou chan >.<

Honourable mention :

Nachi & Ginkaku (Azumi), Ishida Mitsunari (Tenjichin), Hama (Yuuki), dan Seiji Hayashi (Smile), Anthopolus twin ~moga bener nulisnya~ (Comedy of Error), and Orlando (as you like it)  plus his warm and sexy voice as Third on Jyu Oh Sei.

As dessert

OguMada (Oguri Shun dan Yamada Yuu) . First Collaboration as seiyuu on Cartoon Movie Surf’s Up

(witing trisno jalaran soko mbulet he hehe)


~ by zee on 2011/12/26.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday My Dear Oguri Shun”

  1. setujuuuu…. Shun emang talented actor en director too 😀
    Love him more 🙂

  2. omg i love him so much

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