Nov 16th, Finally I’ve got a room partner. Just three months younger than me. She had a Master Degree from UGM majoring in bussiness or something ‘can’t sure about that’ Before that, she graduated from UnPad for her bachelor degree.What an awesome girl !! Right now, she is looking for a new job after resigned from one reputable company. Actually … I dont want to talk about her carier or her educational story.

Before she became my roommate, she had her own room. Far from mine. at 9 pm, suddenly she asked me, ‘Can I move to your room ?’ Well, I have no reason to refused. So I said ‘Yeah … ‘ After that, on bed time, she told me about her mistical experience. That day, at 10 am, he lost her simcard. She looked it anywhere but she couldn’t find it. Suddenlly she found the simcard on her wallet. She was sure that the simcard wasn’t there couple minutes ago. And her concluded that ‘something’ was hidding it before. It was GHOST. And she scared. She wanted to move. So … she ended here … at my room -sigh-
At that time, I’ve got cold, headache and bad cough. I’m not interested in her nor her story. I just wanted to drink my medicine and get some sleep. But, in the next morning, when my head clearly than before, and I’ve talked enough with her, I realized something. We are soooooooo different …..
first, she is the youngest children in her family. so she is rather childish. She called her boyfriend when she moved to my room and told him about her mistical experince and so on.
Me, as the eldest one in my family feel that that habits are little annoying. Why you have to tell the other if you can solve that problem by yourself ? Ah,one more, she always calls herself by her name. It is little weird to me
secondly, she is -well, little harsh when I said that but I can’t find another word- ‘coward’. I believed there are ‘x things’ out there That is natural. But as a twenty something years old woman, … eerrr .. for me, human is more dangerous than ghost 😀
She is very talkactive girl, talk much, laugh much. But overall, she is sweet person. So much different between us but I think I can stand it. Well, she is my roommate after all. So what will happen then ? let see …

several days later ..
Thursday morning, Nov 20th. She told me that MM UGM has its own SAC. And because the chance is bigger compared with Surabaya, she want to move to Jogja. After discussed with her father and so on, she decided to leave by tomorrow morning. So, after five days, I lost my roommate again. Ha ha ha … Unbelieveable.
I really envy her. She can move whereever she want.
Well, see you again M-chan … someday .. somewhere .. if we have a chance

~ by zee on 2008/12/14.

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