It’s already decided …

I’ve decided that if I’m posting here, it should be in english. No matter how terribly my english is. With all the grammatical error, writing error and another error.
Well, no personal reason when I decided that. Just because I want something different. And I feel more comfort when I write in English. Maybe, something that I couldn’t say in indonesian.
And it’s has decided too that this blog is my ‘dark’ side. I mean, from now on, this blog become very personally. It will contains of my stress, unleashed emotion and maybe gonna blow up and uncover my self sometimes. Well, I warned you before … dont be surprise with this change !! 😀
Basically, I want to change everything. I want life fairer than before. I want to say, to act, to do what I want. I can’t bare all the excuses I’ve made before. Life is too short. Too priceless to waste.Change now or I’ll regret later. I’m already 26. Maybe its too late to find the right path of life. But, this is the path that I choosed. And I’ll do my best …

Ah .. one more, to increase my writing skill -just babbling around- i’ll wrote some uhm .. you can call it poet … maybe … and if you dont mind, please visit my ‘another side’ blog here and more happy skippy things.

~ by zee on 2008/11/08.

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