only human

Because We are only Human

On the other shore of sadness,
it is said that there is a smile.
but finally …
when we arrived there,
what has been waiting for us?

on the end of pains and hardships,
it is said that happiness is waiting.
as for me …
I am still searching
the sunflower of the end of season
maybe, we should have left on a trip
to that distant day of the summer…

even if you clench your fist,
leaving red marks on your nail,
waiting for the morning sun
and those tears started to drop…

even tomorrow, if you can see it
although there is not really a reason
like a boat that goes against the stream
Don’t run … Just move on foward

even if you are left in loneliness,
only with the moonlight to rely on
fly with the featherless wings,
Don’t scare … Just move on forward

when the rain cloud is gone
the wet road will shine
only because the darkness
We can define what strong light is
Just be strong, and move on forward

the purpose is not to run away
it’s to run after the dream

credit : irnn

~ by zee on 2008/03/28.

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